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Number of Adults (Kids Free)

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Nerdly Beach Party XII will be held


Registration for Nerdly Beach Party is $50 per adult, free for kids under 15.

Your registration money goes toward:

For the things you're responsible for, including dinner, special beverages, and parking, check out How Nerdly Works.

We do not accept on-site registration.

Number of Attendees

Nerdly Beach Party caps at 30 attendees, including kids of game-age (but not toddlers & infants). After that, the doors close.

Important: in the event that there are fewer than 16 attendees registered by Saturday, March 22nd, 2013, the event will be considered under capacity. Registration fees will be refunded and the event cancelled.

What if I want in, but am waiting on money?

Contact us. While we won't include you in the planning stage until you pay, knowing that you're planning to will help us know if we're going to be under or over capacity.