Rules at Nerdly Beach Party

The Nerdly Beach Party's rules of conduct come from two places: the rules for the campsite, and our own code.

San Simeon State Park camping rules

We take the camping rules from the site, which can be found at (scroll down for Camping Rules). For your convenience, here it is cut and pasted:

There's other information on that page, so we encourage you to take a look.

The Nerdly Beach Party code

These rules exist so that everyone has a good time and the park is happy with us. We have never had a problem with people in past years, and while we don't expect any problems this year, we do reserve the right to eject you without refund from the Nerdly Beach Party. Please don't break our winning streak. :)

More Details

You may have noticed the links in the above list. There's more to be said about kitchen patrol, our alcohol & tobacco policy, and kids at Nerdly Beach. Kitchen patrol pertains to everyone.