Alcohol & Tobacco Policy

A "wet" event

Many of Nerdly Beach Party's attendees come from a tradition of drinking and gaming, a tradition commonly known as BarCon. Because of this, Nerdly Beach Party has an unofficial bar made from the contributions of various people. It is a weekend of joyous merriment.

Wisdom from Paul Tevis

Paul Tevis spoke words of wisdom at a prior Nerdly about Friday night drinking: "Let us be inappropriately moderate tonight, so that we may be appropriately immoderate tomorrow night." Sometimes, the merriment will carry one too far, and they'll spend more of Saturday recovering than they had planned. Drink responsibly. Be a good neighbor. Don't be That Guy.

Tobacco: Cigars & Pipes

Like with drinking, some of Nerdly's regulars celebrate seeing one another again with a cigar or pipe. Like with drinking, the same rules apply: be responsible. Don't be obnoxious about it.