Kids at Nerdly Beach Party VIII

Kids are welcome!

Given the number of gamer parents we have, children are welcome at Nerdly Beach Party! We've had infants, toddlers, or one or two pre-tweens at the event most years. Let us know when you register that you're bringing along a wee gamer, and we'll work with you.

Some things to keep in mind

Your kids are your responsibility, not the campsites nor the Party's. This is pretty obvious, and we have had a great group of parents in the past, but it's worth saying.

Talk with the other parents that are signed up. We'll rely on the parents to organize and propose kids-friendly events.

Keep in mind that Nerdly is a place where there is alcohol and sometimes cigars or pipe tobacco. While the attendees of Nerdly Beach Party know moderation and are good with that around kids, if that's something you don't want your kid around at all, this may not be the event for you. But please talk with us, if you have any questions!

Important note for folks without kids

Respect parents' wishes when their kids are around, regarding smoking, drinking, swearing, adult content, etc. When we organize games, any with kids in them will be flagged as such.

Tips for Parents

We're still waiting for parents from the past to give us some tips. Check back later!