Kitchen Patrol

The Kitchen: the Lifeblood of Nerdly

Every year, one campsite is designated "the kitchen". One table is set up to be the cooking and food prep area, and the other the bar. The kitchen is a communal duty; without it, there is no Nerdly (and we don't feel like hiking the costs to include an on-site chef and maid.)

Kitchen Patrol works like this: there is a slot before each meal–breakfast, lunch, & dinner–where setup happens. There is a slot after each meal where cleanup happens. Each attendee must either choose two setup slots or a cleanup slot. Each slot needs two people. Simple as that.

People will happily tell you where food needs to come from, where dish soap & faucets are, etc., so you won't be left wondering what to do. For the setup people, you'll get a heads-up shortly before your slot starts. For the cleanup people, your games won't start without you.

Actual planning will happen once you've registered. Slots are first-come, first-serve. Know that it's poor form to sign up for a slot that you don't make it to, either because you've slept in or because you've arrived late. When that happens, expect some slot-swapping to happen on the fly.