Schedule for Nerdly Beach Party

From Friday to Sunday, a couple dozen gamers get together to camp and game. The organization once the party starts is loose, revolving around meals rather than clock-time.


People will trickle in all day, starting from the early afternoon. Most people show up in the early to mid evening, in time for Friday Night Dinner. Since this is the one of the rare times that the Northern & Southern California crowds get to meet up, dinner is a very social, happy occasion. The dinners are bring-your-own-food, though many people bring enough to share. There are large firepits where grilling happens, and many of Nerdly's attendees are quite accomplished campfire grillmasters.

After dinner, near sundown, we'll break off into the Friday night scheduled games. These are one of the three slots where the games and players have been organized ahead of time. The games being played should be ones that work well with low light— either campfire or lanterns. The air also gets cold and moist at night, so papers will get damp. Plan accordingly.

Note: Some people can't make it until after dinner is over, and even arrive as late as midnight. That's perfectly fine. Let us know ahead of time so we know when to roughly expect you.


Saturday begins with the early risers getting up to make breakfast. Breakfast is supplied by the Party, and typically consists of bacon, bagels, cream cheese, lox, onions, STUFF. People are free to wake up when they wish, though the earlier they do the more likely there will still be bacon. :) This typically begins around 7-7:30am.

After breakfast is the morning gaming slot, for those who wish to game. This slot is not pre-filled out. Grab people who are awake and play a board game or a role-playing game!

The lunch break happens around noon. The food is set out for sandwiches — bread, cold cuts, cheese, condements, etc. OTHER STUFF. As with all the meals, lunch is when people gather to talk about what they've done so far and what they're planning to do.

After lunch, the Saturday afternoon gaming slot begins. These games are scheduled beforehand. There's usually good light during the day, so games that need more light (like giant die pool games) tend to happen during this slot.

Saturday Night Dinner follows, much like Friday Night. It's bring-your-own-food, though many people tend to share. It's much like a continuation of the Friday night dinner, which takes around a couple hours for cooking and socializing.

Saturday night gaming happens after that, the last slot where we've pre-organized. Like with Friday night, the games are typically ones that need less light and less paperwork.

Tradition dictates that Ryan Macklin runs "Ryan Macklin Drunken Game" on Saturday night. What actually happens varies from year to year.


Sunday begins like Saturday, with breakfast. Some people stay and play games, others begin breaking up their camps. All gaming on Sunday is self-organized. You'll see people play board games or role-playing games after they've had dinner, though after two nights of camping it's a bit of a quieter affair. Lunch happens around the same time on Sunday as it does Saturday. Shortly after lunch is cleaned up, Nerdly is officially over.

On rare occasions, people stay around for one more game. But by then, most people are tired from the trip and are eager to return home.