Testimonials about prior Nerdly Beach Parties

I woke up and there was bacon. And then there was gaming.

– Colin Jessup

NBP is nothing like normal cons. It's small and personal; there's a decent chance you'll play or chat with every person there over the weekend. The food is awesome; no overpriced hotel bars here! And at night, you can see the stars.

– Albert Andersen

I love how Nerdly Beach Party was an informal, low-key affair where everyone pitched in. It was relaxed, we shared meat and veggies and drinks and, of course, games. I will always remember the late-night freezing-cold Polaris sessions under the stars.

– Nancy McKeown

Nerdly Beach Party is the perfect blend of gaming, location, and attendees. Like a great Gin and Tonic, it needs what only it has, and it has only what it needs.

– Ted Cabeen

Nerdly Beach Party is the event of the season. Whenever I feel like I need my gaming batteries recharged, there's a Nerdly right around the corner.

Ryan Macklin